Announcement of new fan studies journal

The Organization for Transformative Works (on LJ as otw_news) has formally announced the existence of a new peer-reviewed academic journal affiliated with the org, Transformative Works and Cultures. Kristina Busse (on LJ as kbusse) and I are coediting the journal. Our editorial e-mail address is editor AT transformativeworks DOT org.

The post there explains everything, so I won’t repeat any of it here. Do feel free to comment there with any concerns or thoughts.

If you want to volunteer for the Journal project, particularly if you have editorial, copyediting, or CSS/HTML experience, then do please contact the Volunteers committee (volunteers AT transformativeworks DOT org) to get put on the list. When we have a journal job that needs doing, we’ll submit the request through Volunteers to get a list of people qualified to do the task. (Please note that for the Journal project, fan pseuds are not used, only professional names.)

I’m very excited about this project, and I welcome the opportunity to work again with Kristina, my coeditor for Fan Fiction and Fan Communities…, as well as the rest of the awesome editorial team.

We wanted that press release out there because we will soon be issuing a call for papers for our first issue. Yes. Stay tuned at otw_news for more info!


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