From Moskowitz, Immortal Storm

The first president of the [Scienceers sf fan] club was a colored fan whose hobby was rocketry, and the Scienceers met at his Harlem home. The willingness of the other members to accede to his leadership, regardless of racial difference, has never had an opportunity for duplication, for James Fitzgerald was the first and last colored man ever actively to engage in the activities of science fiction fandom. It is an established fact that colored science fiction readers number in the thousands, but with the exception of Fitzgerald, the lone Negro who attended the first national science fiction convention in 1938 and the single Negro members [sic] of the later groups, the Eastern Science Fiction Association and the Philadelphia Science Fantasy Society, they play no part in this history.

—Sam Moskowitz, “The Beginning of Organized Fandom,” The Immortal Storm: A History of Science Fiction Fandom (Westport, CT: Hyperion, 1974), 10


2 thoughts on “From Moskowitz, Immortal Storm

  1. Huh. In context, does it become more clear if he is being snarky, entirely serious, judgmental of the societies, something like that? In this excerpt it’s really not at all clear.

    • He is being completely serious. I have decided to blog statements from histories of SF fandom that have to do with nonwhites, women, and sexual minorities, as these groups seem almost completely elided from popular discourse.

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